There are so many different alarm systems, apps and
providers out there that trying to decide on the ideal security system can be a challenge. This article will demonstrate a cost effective way that allows the monitoring station to monitor your alarm as well as yourself to minimize any potential false alarms.

This method requires the use of the envisalink module from Connect2Go and a hard-wired connection between the alarm panel and router.

Compatible Alarm Panels:

  • DSC PowerSeries (1555, 1555 MX, 1575, 5010 (832), 5020 (864), 1616, 1832, 1864)
  • Honeywell Vista Panels (Vista20P, 21iP, 15P, 10P, 128P, and 250P)

Connect2Go Smart Home Monitoring Features

The envisalink from Connect2Go combined with your alarm system make a good team! Check out what you can do with this new product remotely.

  • Remote Arm (Away & Stay, Quick Arming)/Disarm/Zone Bypass/PGM Control (depending on panel model)
  • Event Logging
  • Receive Alerts by e-mail or SMS.
  • Network Supervision.
  • New Connect2Go App. Works with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Connect2Go Plus Smart Home Monitoring Features

Purchase an unlock credit ($50+HST from Barnes Protection Services Inc.) through your dealer to unlock these features. Great for commercial settings as different user types can be programmed.

  • Turbocharge your experience with Priority Packets for faster command processing and status updates.
  • Manage device from the Mobile Portal… Zone Labels, Partitions,Users,Custom Sequences and PGMs.
  • Create and save custom command sequences for one button command execution.
  • Create and save PGM labels for one button PGM execution.
  • Share access to your system with other users you have authorized.

Remote PGM Control

The alarm panel box, usually downstairs by the electrical panel in most homes, has a physical programmable output. Often overlooked, this output can add even more control to your system. It can be used to trigger a garage door, turn on or off lights in the home, or unlock a door. Additionally you will be able to use this output through the Connect2Go app from anywhere in the world!

If you are interested in this keep in mind there are alarm panels available with up to four of these handy outputs on board.

More Options

Wi-Fi Cameras and Thermostats can also be tied in. We recommend using Foscam cameras and CT-50 Radio Thermostats. This module can sync with up to nine Wi-Fi Cameras and up to 4 Thermostats.

 Smart Home Monitoring –  No Phones Needed!

With Monitoring rates starting as low as $20/month + HST, Barnes Protection Services offers some competitive rates to the security industry. Keep in mind that included in our monitoring charge is our affordable service guarantee.

Another bonus is that no phone line is needed if the envisalink is connected to the internet. Save yourself the added cost of a phone line and keep your insurance company happy with professional smart home monitoring.

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