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Security Installation – Planning your System

More and more people across Canada and the world are choosing to have home security systems installed in their homes and workplaces. If you’ve ever wondered about security installation please read on to learn about how personalized alarm systems can be! Step 1: Determine what your system will be composed of You may have already […]


Alarm System Outputs (Programmable Output)

It is a little known secret that alarm system circuit boards typically have programmable output contacts. This article will discuss some possible uses for these outputs, and how to wire them into the circuit board. The alarm system output is generally called a PGM output. Step 1: Identify your Programmable Output (PGM) The first thing […]

More than Intrusion – Alarm Systems

These days, alarm systems can do so much more than just detect break-ins at your home or business. Your security system can also detect dangerous life safety conditions in your home such as fire, carbon monoxide and water and natural gas leaks. It can even help with medical emergencies by getting emergency services to the […]


Switching Alarm Providers

There could be a number of reasons why someone would want to terminate their monitoring agreement with their current home security provider. Perhaps they have had poor service done in the past, feel they are paying too much per month, or are just wanting to make a change. Regardless of their reasons, it is well […]


Alarm Monitoring with Barnes Protection Services in Ottawa, ON

Barnes Protection Services has been monitoring homes and businesses in the Ottawa region for over 30 years. We have a proven track record of helping to keep people and their property safe. Our 6 24-hour monitoring stations throughout Canada are there to ensure that every potential threat is dealt with accordingly. Alarm Monitoring – Is […]


Choosing your Security Camera System

We have seen how the cost of many different types of electronics are dropping in today’s society. The same is true for security cameras and related equipment. With new technology, the images and recordings produced by security cameras have never been better. This article will try to explain some of the different kinds of security […]

Vera Controller and Envisalink Work Together

The Envisalink by Connect2Go The Envisalink module is an internet communicator that interfaces with your alarm system. Many older alarm panels are compatible with this unit. For this to be installed a wire must be run from your alarm control panel to your home network router. If running a wire is too difficult there are […]