Advantages of Burglar Alarm Systems

In today’s day and age, there’s a lot of speculation about whether or not to install a security system (also known as a burglar alarm system), and whether or not to get it monitored by a professional alarm company.

Alarm Keypad

There are many advantages to having a monitored burglar alarm:

  • receive a call and email when someone breaks in
  • if someone does break in the proper authorities will be dispatched and horns will sound
  • assurance that until you get a call everything is fine at home
  • saving money on home insurance (up to 15% in some cases)
  • log of activity of who armed and who disarmed the system at what times
  • control your alarm through an app on your phone or check in from a different computer (with internet communicator only)
  • monitor other life safety conditions at the same time like smoke detectors, water sensors, furnace fail detectors, natural gas, and more

Non-monitored Systems

By going with a non-monitored system, you do lose out on some of the above, however you still can scare away any intruders with sirens and/or strobe lights. And you would know which zone(s) on the alarm tripped by looking at the memory. This is certainly better than not knowing anything happened at all!

Don’t have a phone line? No sweat. Alternative methods of communication are available.

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