Time to Cut the Cord

So the time has come to ditch the old phone line. Everything is going great. You’ve called the phone company, you’re saving some big bucks, and you’ve got a cell phone so all is well!

Then comes the dreaded trouble beep from your alarm keypad….

The Alarm System Uses the Phone Line to Reach the Station

Uh oh. So the alarm can’t connect to the monitoring station. You see, the traditional alarm system uses the phone line to communicate events to the station, so that proper steps will be taken such as calling the police or dispatching the fire trucks.

There is an Alternative

To keep the system monitored, you must do one of two things:

A: Get a cellular communicator that interfaces with your alarm system. This is probably the most secure means of transmission. Most alarm companies charge more for this service as there are airtime fees.

B: Get an internet communicator. This can interface your alarm to your home network and serve as the transmission line. It can also give you cool apps to control your alarm through a computer or smart phone, and give you some home automation capability. If you ever want to interface your alarm with a system like Vera or SmartThings, this is also the way to go.

PS: Although some VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lines work with alarm systems they are not recommended!

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