These days, alarm systems can do so much more than just detect break-ins at your home or business. Your security system can also detect dangerous life safety conditions in your home such as fire, carbon monoxide and water and natural gas leaks. It can even help with medical emergencies by getting emergency services to the site as fast as possible through the use of fall-detecting pendants and emergency wall speaker 2-way voice technology.

By having your alarm system, which is a 24-hour monitored device, keep track of all these conditions, homeowners can save money on their home insurance premiums. Generally speaking, the more conditions you monitor, the better the discount.

Smoke and Heat Fire Detection


By adding a monitored fire detector to your alarm system, you are ensuring that any fire condition at the site will be acted upon promptly. Unlike your battery operated smoke detectors, these alarm-brand fire detectors will send a signal to the monitoring station, as well as sounding the sirens to alert any sleeping residents of the danger. This means that fire trucks can get to the house sooner and prevent costly damage to the house or business.

Many different types of fire detectors exist. Make sure to talk to your alarm provider about which type is best for the conditions.

Water Leak and Sump Pit Monitoring


Place wireless water sensors under sinks, in the water tank rooms, by boilers, etc and rest assured that your most valuable asset – your home – is protected 24/7!

We also recommend placing a water level detector in your sump pit if applicable. Sump pumps tend to break down every now and then, so by installing this sensor you will know as soon as there’s a problem.

Natural Gas, Propane or Carbon Monoxide Leaks


Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. It’s odourless and sends thousands to emergency rooms every year. It can be produced from motor vehicles, heaters and cooking equipment. Like the fire detectors, the sensors you can purchase only sound a siren. Much better in our opinion to know about such a problem even if you aren’t home, so that you can take the necessary precautions. Our monitored detectors will notify you even if you are away.

Propane and Natural Gas leaks can also occur in the home. In most jurisdictions the gas or propane supplier adds a harmless chemical to the gas to give it the smell or rotten eggs. Still, having a specially designed alarm system to monitor the condition is the safest bet. Not everyone has a sense of smell!


Signalling Equipment


Your alarm system has outputs on the circuit board that can be used for strobe lights, sirens, etc. Extra signalling can be installed to make sure that the sound and lights are seen/heard throughout the home. Keep in mind – there are also “panic buttons” on the alarm system keypad. Pressing these buttons will send a direct signal to the monitoring station. It can also sound the sirens in the home. There are usually three buttons – one for fire, one for ambulance and one for police. Please note – the police panic signal is silent and no calls are made by the monitoring station. The police are sent immediately.

Home Invasion or Hold-Up Situations


Although most people don’t usually worry about this type of situation, it is always good practice to have a plan in mind just in case. By setting up “Duress Passwords” with the monitoring station, the home or business owner can set up in effect a fake password that automatically has the police dispatched. “Duress Codes” can serve the same function.

Barnes Protection Services – Ottawa’s Alarm Provider


At Barnes, we will work with you to determine the best solution for your security needs. Our alarm systems are reliable and our service is outstanding! Learn more at our website at or give us a call. Your security is our priority.




Residential and Commercial Security Systems Ottawa, ON

When it comes to keeping your home safe, trust Barnes Protection Services Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario. We specialize in security systems of all kinds, as well as CCTV or network video systems, card entry systems, intercom, home theatre and more.

Security Systems Ottawa – Alarm Monitoring for $20/Month + HST

Commercial alarm systems are designed to be a little more heavy-duty than their residential counterparts. On top of that, they are generally required to be supervised by a professional monitoring company. They may also incorporate security cameras and access control or card entry systems for a total security solution.

Most residential homes can be protected sufficiently with our standard alarm system package. This includes 3 door or window sensors, a motion detector, basement window contacts and a keypad. We typically install the DSC brand, which has been in business in Canada since 1979. Of course, we can install other brands if there is one you prefer.

Learn more about Barnes Protection Services alarm packages here.

When the alarm is tripped, the horns are sounded until a valid access code is entered at the keypad. If the system is monitored, calls are made and police or security guards can be sent if needed.

We are please to offer instantaneous email notifications for all our monitored customers, on top of the standard phone call procedure. Additionally, we offer our guarantee of affordable service! Some of the stories we’ve heard about what people pay for security products is outrageous.

Alarm Systems – Just to Detect a Burglary?

Our alarms are geared to be a total life safety solution. This means that on top of detecting break-ins, they can also monitor dangerous safety conditions like fire, carbon monoxide, natural gas, water leaks and temperature.

At Barnes Protection Services, we can monitor everything for the same low monthly fee. Make sure to talk to your insurance agent about potential discounts.

Smartphone Integration

Our newer alarms are compatible with the internet! This means you can control your alarm from your smartphone. This is especially handy if you’re thinking of cancelling your home phone line. Contact us today to get this feature set up or to see if your system is compatible.

Arm, disarm, view zone activity, bypass zones, edit contacts and more all from the convenience of your pocket. Did we mention it’s only $20/month?

Contact Barnes Protection Services in Ottawa for all your security needs. Learn more at our website at or call us directly at (613) 726-6349.