Have you ever wondered about installing your own security system and saving yourself some bucks? Barnes Protection Services aims to make this possible for you! With the all-new UltraSync platform from Interlogix, set-up has never been easier. First off, lets talk about the features of this new security and life-safety platform.

DIY UltraSync – What can I control?

The UltraSync platform gives users total control over a vast array of smart devices within the home. Some of these devices can be:

  • Security sensors – Protect your home from unwanted entry with contact sensors, motion detectors, glassbreaks and more
  • Video cameras – See when the kids get home from your app with our outdoor or indoor cameras
  • Door locks – Unlock controlled doors remotely or give one-time access to a guest
  • Self-Contained Hub – Easy access to security and home control features with panic buttons for immediate dispatch on monitored systems
  • Environmental Sensors – Water leak sensors for fast detection of any broken pipes or leaking toilets
  • Fire Detectors – Smoke and CO detection makes safety a priority
  • Lights – Use pre-set scenes to trigger lighting, or control instantly from your app
  • HVAC – Control your compatible HVAC system through the app for comfort and savings
  • Voice Control – Use Amazon Alexa to control various aspects of the system

Smart. Secure. Efficient.

The UltraSync system and mobile app give you the flexibility and freedom to adjust your security and home systems to match your lifestyle.

It provides complete home protection from the inside out. The system easily incorporates additional security and home safety devices for extra peace of mind.

The mobile app also lets you program and control your home’s lighting and heating schedule. The more efficiently your home systems operate, the more money you save.

Designing your Smart Home

Control – Where will you put the hub? This is basically a keypad and often can be placed on a desk or table somewhere in the living room. It can also be placed completely out of sight. There are also tablets available that are synced to the hub for ease of use. Of course, if you already have a tablet, you could always just load the free app and use your own device.

Security – How many doors do you want to protect? And how many windows? We recommend installing sensors on the basement windows, especially if they are of the sliding type. Do you require motion or glassbreak detection? How about a sensor on the garage door to let you know if it’s open?

Video – Want to add cameras to the system? Outdoor and Indoor types are available. The cameras come with included SD cards for recorded video, so you are always in control of your recordings.

Door locks – How many, if any, doors do you want to be able to remotely control? Certain garage openers can also be tied in to the system. These are especially handy when you want to give someone access to your home from a distance.

Environmental and Fire sensors – Keep in mind that monitored fire and security systems get home insurance savings of up to 15%. We let you decide how many sensors you need. We also have CO sensors, or combination types available.

Lights – How many lights, if any, do you want to be hooked up to the system? Later on, when you are creating scenes, which are certain groups of actions taken by the system, you can tie in the lights for “Sleep time” or “Home from Work time.”

HVAC – Many different brands of smart thermostat are compatible with this system. Call us to find out which ones. Smart HVAC control also comes in handy when creating scenes to safe on energy usage and to maximize comfort.

Voice Control – Amazon Alexa can contol your smart home using your voice. Keep in mind that Alexa can ARM the system but cannot DISARM due to safety concerns.

So you have an idea of what you need. What next?

The next step would be to reach out to us at Barnes Protection Services Inc to get your order together. We will pick up the material and pre-program it for you, so that all you have to do when you get the equipment is to mount your devices on the wall, and plug the hub into power. We are also here to help design the system with you, or to answer any questions you might have regarding this new smart technology!

If you want professional monitoring services please let us know before ordering so we can do the necessary hook-up.

Learn more about this at https://www.interlogix.com/ultrasync-smarthome or view a full list of products https://www.interlogix.com/intrusion/product/ultrasync

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